History of cooperative KOVEX unfolds since 1963 when in Plavecký Štvrtok was established plant for the manufacture of luggage and footwear fittings in cooperative KOŽATEX Bratislava. The plant in Plavecký Štvrtok produced luggage and footwear fittings for the needs of cooperative in 1/3 but also for businesses in former Czechoslovakia and for export abroad.

Under the impact of political changes, the plant became independent and on 30th March 1990 was established a separate cooperative called KOVEX. In 1991 due to changes in the market the cooperative was not able to provide work for 250 employees. In November 1991 it solved its economic situation by selling part of the property to its employees, the cooperative was determined to extinction. Group of 10 employees felt like to continue the tradition of cooperative and over time through its effort managed to revive its activities.

ISO certificate - KOVEX Družstvo


The cooperative has developed and implemented a quality management system since 2005 when it was issued a certificate according to standard ISO 9001:2000 and it meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.
Through its quality and compliance with the terms of contracts it has gained a good reputation among domestic and foreign business partners.


At this time the cooperative with its 28 employees specializes in providing technology services in the field of galvanic surface treatment on various materials such as iron, brass, aluminium, copper, stainless steel, zinc alloy ZAMAC.
Subsequently we extended the technology on copper plating, nickel plating, chrome plating, gilding, tinning, galvanizing on components for furniture and automotive industries and products of decorative character.

Furniture legs, handles...

In the interior in the last decades is used a lot of metal details that are nickel plated, chrome plated or gilded. They bring a symbol of elegance, luxury and thus increase the value of a feeling of furniture. Whether these are massive feet of leather sofas, tables or massive handles for opening cabinets that at every touch give a sense of security and stability.
If you are a manufacturer of furniture and need advice in the production (we will also provide a complex product manufacturing) or subsequent surface treatment of metal furniture parts by electroplating – please contact us, we will discuss the optimal production process and final adjustments.
You will appreciate our years of experience when communicating with us where together we achieve optimal quality of part and also a good price. Proper compromise will turn  into your financial income and at the same time the quality and reference of your brand does not suffer. Correct thickness, quality chemicals, purity – this is the basis which will be the core of many years of customer satisfaction. Just customer with his hands, cleaning with various cleansers, bumps – will appreciate the quality that is our common business card. For us it has been for 50 years the most important award – client who is satisfied and always returns!

Oldtimers – renovation and plating of parts

New in our portfolio is electroplating of parts of oldtimers. High demands on the quality of daily production process for 50 years turned into love for knack and history. We are active members of oldtimer club and despite the fact that we have a bigger company thas has 3 automatic lines for electroplating, we decided to offer the skills of our specialists to broad group of oldtimer owners.


To ensure the production process of our partners we have 3 automatic plating lines, two divisions for polishing and grinding, Chemical Technological Laboratory, section of blasting, tumbling and of course, storage management and maintenance.

Kovex Družstvo - electroplating line LPW

Chrome plating, nickel plating, copper plating

Automatic line LPW Vienna, production year 1994 (reconstruction 2013), it is a fully automatic line controlled by industrial computer SIMATIC OP 6 (SIEMENS).

Dimensional options of plating
1,200x700x380 mm, Fe// Cu10-20/ Ni10-20b / Crr (i.e. with underlying copper)

Capacity of the line
Curtain processing: 100 – 150 m² / 24 hours  
Drum (bulk) processing: 3,000 kg / 24 hours                                   

Galvanizing (ZINK plating)

Automatic line (own production), prod. y. 2003, fully automatic since 2012 controlled by industrial computer SIMATIC OP 7 (SIEMENS)
Dimensional options of plating:
plating line – zinc 1,200x700x400 mm,  Fe/ Zn 5-30 µm

Capacity of the line
Curtain processing: 80 – 120 m² / 24 hours
Drum (bulk) processing: 2,500 kg / 24 hours                                  


Automatic line (own production), prod. year 1993, fully automatic controlled by industrial computer GP FANUC (USA).
Dimensional options of plating:
700x500x200 mm, Fe/ Sn 5-30 µm

Capacity of the line
Curtain processing: 50 m² / 24 hours  
Drum (mass) processing: 300-500 kg / 24 hours


We are pleased with your great interest, and therefore we would like to ask you to comply with the procedure, in the case of interest for a quote. Send us an e-mail with a photo and dimensions of the product (manufacturing drawing), with the addition of what material it is, what is surface treatment and what are your requirements for plating. Then we will contact you.

In the case of renovation of veteran part we need the same data but according to picture we can only determinate an approximate price. The exact price will be announced after chemical cleaning of given part, when will be clear the surface condition and necessary adjustments before or during plating. If you send us a part, we will ask you to insert requirements for plating in a package, and after arriving to our company the contents of the package will be photographed and after cleaning we will announce you the total price for plating.

Business and production manager
Ing. Ivan Valovič
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Chrómovanie, niklovanie, zlatenie...

Spoločnosť Kovex Vám ponúka kompletnú povrchovú úpravu kovových materiálov galvanickým pokovením - chrómovanie, zinkovanie, medenie, zlatenie, či cínovanie. Disponujeme technológiami aj na kvalitné pokovenie hliníkových zliatin! Špecializujeme sa na pokovovanie nábytkových nožičiek, madiel..., renováciu chrómovaných dielov automobilových a motocyklových veteránov.

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